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Holiday apartment in Naumburg

Travel Tips for Our Guests

Providing a holiday apartment in Naumburg as lodging is one thing; however, we will gladly give you travel tips as well to make your stay particularly enjoyable. We look forward to receiving your questions so that you can enjoy your days in Naumburg and in the Saale-Unstrut region to your liking. Our region is gradually becoming well-known. Few tourists still enjoy the extraordinary architecture of the sacred buildings and the nature of the Germany’s northernmost quality wine-growing region. Only on long weekends, there are gatherings of wine lovers, sports fans or Medieval fans at the festivals.

Many very dedicated people work at the city’s Tourist Information Office and the Saale-Unstrut Regional Tourism Association. Despite its growing tourism, the region can still see its history as a former lignite and industrial location of the GDR. While the countryside is flourishing, the houses are shining in new splendour and the rivers and streams are pure, there are few hotels and guest houses and tourism is in its infancy.

This is what makes the region so attractive – lots of peace and quiet, dedicated young winemakers such as Matthias Hey, Böhme & Töchter or Weingut Born ensure the finest wines from Germany’s northernmost quality wine-growing region. There are also wonderful views of the countryside which you should definitely enjoy with a fine glass of Pinot Blanc. Naumburg has also welcomed many new inhabitants in recent years. Among them are retirees, but also young families who are looking for proximity to university cities such as Jena, Halle or Leipzig and still love the personality of the Cathedral city in the wine-growing region.

Naumburg was a very prosperous place around 1900 where many retirees built their villas to relax in the Saale-Unstrut region with its mild climate. Big names like the painter and graphic artist Max Klinger owned houses for their summer holiday in the nearby vineyards. If you want to learn more about the art and culture of the region, we recommend the KulturAkademie Naumburg which takes place every year in the autumn. Get to know the people in our beautiful, spacious region and look forward to relaxing days.

Whether it entails castles on Saale and Unstrut, the world-famous Naumburg Cathedral or old monasteries such as Pforta, Memleben and Goseck with 1000-year-old vineyards – cultural and wine tours in our region are always worthwhile. Discover the many natural beauties: Orchids, beavers and rock formations will fascinate you when hiking, cycling or paddling.

Many guests of our apartments are regular guests. The central location right in the middle of the Old Town – only five houses away from the Cathedral – the parking in the courtyard and the restaurants in front of the house in the pedestrian zone are quite popular. Naumburg is centrally located between Munich and Berlin, Dresden and Frankfurt. The Leipzig/Halle Airport is only 40 minutes away via nearby Motorways A 38 and A 9.

For your unforgettable holiday, we would gladly advise you and give you even more individual travel tips for your stay in Naumburg and in the Saale-Unstrut region!